I don’t really need an architect or designer, do I?

The “oh my goodness, I should have thought of this before now!!” moment.

All of us are aware that a mistake is possible. Very few of us can concept a mistake before it happens. This is especially true of a new build/remodel. Designers and architects. Have a tremendous understanding of the building process.

Qualified architects will see the design completed from a simple sketch on a napkin. They will have the empathy to listen, and the confidence to push back when necessary.

 Likewise, designers will understand the personal connection you may have to your living space. They will be able to visualize and then demonstrate the intimacy of that space. 

If your project is grandiose, it requires the skillful hands of an architect and a designer. Sometimes you will need one, and sometimes you will need both.

Because it’s about this first decision. Whomever you choose for your team, be assured that they will work closely with you and that relationship will be tested over time. 

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